Cthulhu Bonanza

A couple things I am just getting around to posting, regarding your favourite sleeping god. First, if you’ll remember the vinyl Cthulhu coming out? Well, it turns out the place I was linking to wasn’t the right place, and if you look here, you can see (and preorder) the regular vinyl and the limited edition angry red Cthulhu! Ooooh! Scary!! I’ve already got my order in for angry Cthulhu. It even comes with two Little Victims that pull apart! No word on the Little Minions ™.

And thanks to sfsignal, I learned of Calls for Cthulhu, a call in program where you can ask the half-asleep half-waking god your very own questions! It’s pretty awesome. There’s already 4 shows online, so you better get a-watchin!

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