Palm’s take on Palm OS vs. WinMob

Ok, so they stopped posting about the blog itself and started posting about the product. Which is good. They posted a hand-wavey, excuse making bit about why the 700p is so late with fixes for (some of) the problems that have plagued it from the very beginning. But whatever, it’s no surprise that they couldn’t care less about the 700p, given that it’s been over a year with no patches for very obvious problems that should have stopped the product from being released.

But now they’ve posted a message from a product manager about what he likes about palm’s Palm OS and winmob phones. First he inexplicably puts in his personals classified, for shame! He’s married! He also says he carries around and uses pretty much one of every phone and carrier combination. So…. if he was using the 700p and we are supposed to respect anything he says about what he likes about these phones, how on earth did he not notice that the 700p is barely functional and let someone know about that?

Nevertheless, let’s give him that we’ll overlook his credibility problem and find out what he likes. This is the saddest part. You know what he likes about the Palm OS phones? The buttons. I can’t make this up. The best thing he can say about the os, the thing that he’s blogging about on the official palm blog – the mouth piece of this company – is that he likes the buttons. It is unbelievable.

He talks about winmob and how he loves the multitasking. Now there’s something that’s genuinely cool about the phone (well cool, if you need to accept that it is a special feature and not something that every modern OS should have, which clearly palm does, but stilll…). He gives a great example of how this affects him in a real world use case.

He sums it all up by saying, he wishes Palm could multitask and WinMob had. more. buttons. If I were a prospective buyer reading this post and trying to figure out what I wanted to buy? Let me tell you, I wouldn’t be buying a Palm OS phone afterwards. I don’t know if that was the intention to talk up the WinMob and talk down the Palm OS, I’d like to think that it was unintentional and the Palm still loves its OS. Certainly someone at The Register believes that Palm is actually trying to minimize it’s involvement with winmob and focus on it’s own os. but it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t realize the impact of what he’d written.

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