A couple bird cams!

Ok, hot on the heels of the Africam (which is still completely awesome, btw), I have a couple more that I’m digging.

First there’s the bald eagle nesting cam at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. There’s some baby eagles in that nest, which is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I just checked and as of Saturday morning it was down to a network upgrade at the Garden, this right after they had taken it offline for a few days for upgrades of their own. I’m hoping they work out all their issues and get this bad boy back up. I needs to see me some eagles.

Similar, but not as cool, is the peregrine falcon cam on a building ledge in downtown Indianapolis. I say it isn’t quite as cool only because it isn’t a video feed, it’s an updating set of two images (click on the links in the right nav on the page). Because if anything, a peregrine is cooler than an eagle. Apparently there are four recently hatched chicks, but I haven’t yet seen them – curses! I do like how they snuck in a little tax advertisement into the cam, though. Enterprising!

So where’s NYC in all this? Where’s the Pale Male video feed? Ah well, I guess gorgeous stills will have to suffice. :)

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