The Vader Project!

Wow, I’d like to have seen this. At Celebration IV (a Star Wars con) there was an exhibit of Darth Vader helmets as done by 66 awesome artists – with brows both high and low (and sometimes in these days, strangely, both). People like Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Dalek, Paul Frank, Dave Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, even Jeremyville got in the mix. Wow, I’d like to have seen them.

Check out this video walk through of the helmets, I also am of the strong opinion that the Imperial Theme song is just about the greatest movie music I’ve ever heard. For realz.

There’s a lot of cool stuff happening. I think even if you aren’t a Star Wars fanboy you can appreciate this. Of course there’s also a flickr tag.

It definitely isn’t my favourite one, but you gotta give it to the guy who put antlers on that bad boy. And Liberty Vader is strangely cool but disturbing.

If you check out the myspace page some of the artists are showing their work as their avatar. Andrew Bell’s is quiiiiite disturbing, which is appropriate for the creator of Creatures in My Head. I wish there was something more systematic though, with a few shots of each helmet all in one place. Ah well. I completely dig this project and as happens so often I am jealous of LA. Sigh.

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