Breakfast Links: TV Edition

So I watch a little tv. Sue me. Here’s a few shows I don’t watch a lot of but always enjoy when I catch them. Thank god for my lack of TiVo.

I’ve finally started watching a few episodes of Ninja Warrior on G4 (in Japan it seems that this show is called Sasuke). It used to be on at like 11:30pm and 1:30am or something – but they shifted the time to before my bedtime so now I can see it every now and again, even Maria digs this show. It’s an obstacle course type of show, that goes in phases and – especially after the first phase which very few get past – the courses are really really really difficult! As a climber, some of the challenges on the second and third phase make my hands hurt just thinking about trying to do them individually, let alone one after another! Plus it’s fun to see the sometimes incredibly painful looking wipeouts many of the contestants go through in their runs through the first phase. Good times, I tell you, good times.

Another show I caught once and would like to catch again is Repo Men: Stealing for a Living – apparently I caught this on TLC. It’s just a show where they follow some repo men around as they reposses cars and boats or what not. It’s pretty awesome because – from almost anyone perspective except the law’s – they’re stealing this stuff and they gotta be more or less sneaky about breaking in and getting out with the car. I mean, the guy steals a boat right out of the marina! Of course the owners and friends of the owners often take exception to this… hilarity ensues!

I also catch, every now and again, an episode of It Takes a Thief on the Discovery Channel. Kind of similar to Repo Men, but not – basically a house signs up with the show and says, “Our house is secure! You can’t break in!” and then they wire the house up with cameras and sometime later a burglar takes about 3 seconds to get in the house, 10 or so minutes to clean it out and make a getaway. The owners return to a trashed house (or in one case, come down from the attic!!), weep, watch the video of the guy going through all their stuff and then the show goes through and adds all kinds of security measures to the house. The best ones are the ones with dogs, because inevitably the dog just digs the burglar. Way to go!

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