PAYjr, introduce your kids to the corporate world early!

Wow, I’m completely surprised that someone both made this and others think it’s a good idea. PAYjr (via techcrunch) is an online chore tracking and payment system that completely intermediates any contact between parent and child in the household chore process. All interaction should occur via the website, parents can schedule chores and payments and household employees, I mean children, can indicate when they’ve completed said work. It does not come with cubicles for your child, but I’m sure that the enterprising parent will quickly grasp the efficiencies to be had by replacing bedrooms for their children with cubicles.

I have so many problems with this it’s mind boggling. First of all, as techcrunch says, it’s like a sort of CRM billing system for the family. But they say that like it’s a good thing. Why would you treat your child like they were an employee and not, you know, your child? Is it really so difficult to keep track of the fact that the dishes aren’t done? Or the trash isn’t taken out? Because I’ll tell you, my folks could tell when I hadn’t done the chores because the trash was still inside or the dishes were still dirty, that was the subtle tip off.

Also, having this system doesn’t teach kids about responsibility, it teaches them the cold hard facts of working in the corporate world where no one cares about you, they care about results. Tieing chores and what not to payment doesn’t teach them responsibility, it teaches them that they should expect payment for anything they do that they don’t necessarily want to. Talking to your kid teaches them about responsibility, raising your child yourself teaches them about life and being a good person.

Shrug, I’m sure I’m wrong about this, plenty of people seem to like it and they’re the ones with kids. But I was a kid and I remember how it worked in my family and PAYjr. seems like a very cold, calculating way to be. What do you guys with the kids think about this?

  • aprilreign

    This is in response to your article regarding PayJr. There is always a positive and negative way to go about things when it comes to these sort of things. If you decide, as a parent, to stop communication with your child and solely rely on this website to interact with your children then this is not the site for you. However, if you use it as a tool to educate your child, then there should be no harm in this website.

    Furthermore, if you had done additional research on the site, everything does not have to be calculated through the website. Once you assign the chores to your children you can print out a calendar and that calendar can decorate refrigerator. Next to each chore is a box that the child can check off when they have completed their task. This is great for children of any age and is a quick, easy way to make sure the chores get done.

    Organization is one of the key elements to success. Teaching your child to organize his/her time and to help around the house makes the entire household enjoyable for everyone. An allowance can be connected with each chore that the child completes and this in turn teaches them the value of working and earning money.

    The Buxx visa card that can be used in conjunction with this website for children over 13 years of age is a great way to teach your older child the responsibility of using a credit card. It also enables parents a way to track where the money is going and how it is being spent and therefore giving the parent another opportunity to sit down with their child and communicate the value of saving and spending wisely.

    This is a fabulous tool for parents if used the right way. Unlike the author of the article I am responding to, you have to look at the glass as if it is half full and not half empty.

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