Breakfast Links: Dell Tricks, Time Capsule & Fingerjig

IcePunkZ - graffiti in Iran - Leon the Professional?!
Art, like monday, follows sunday.

Dig it, the Consumerist has posted 22 Confessions of a Former Dell Sales Manager an article that proposes some interesting tidbits as well as tricks you can use to get the best deals out of Dell. Like going with Small Business instead of Home Office to get you better tech support or buying the longest extended warranty, waiting till after the model you have is discontinued and off the refurbished site and dropping it – Dell will send you a new model. It turns out the Dell didn’t really like that article much and sent a takedown notice which Consumerist promptly posted. They’re fighting it now, but who knows – check out the piece if you ever order from Dell.

Heh, they just pulled out a concrete vault (presumably near Tulsa, Oklahoma) that was supposed to be a nuke proof time capsule, they buried it 50 years ago. Hard to say if it was nuke proof but it turns out that it wasn’t water proof. There was a Plymouth Belvedere that was rusted to hell in there. But what I like the best was that there was supposed to be microfilm in there of people who were guessing the population of Tulsa in 2007 – the winner (or descendant of the winner) would be given the car (sad…) and also a $100 savings account now worth a whopping $1200! Too bad it was $100 in coca cola stock or something. I remember all the time capsules we did in the early 80’s in school – I wonder when that stuff’ll get pulled out. Or I wonder if it was ever even buried!

Speaking of the early 80’s, one of the most useful classes I ever took was my 6th grade typing class. For real, I may not have paid much attention in class, I may have been typing stupid stories and passing them around, I may have cut class with Howard to hang out under the stairwell and shoot binaca flamethrowers, but I learned touch typing and use it every day. That’s more than I can say for 95% of other classes I’ve taken in my life. So I was excited to check out Fingerjig a 6 minute typing test/game. It basically makes you type out random words and tests you for speed and accuracy. It has cool sound effects. I got 857,805 which beat the average score, but any time it was reporting my words per minute they were only like mid/high 50’s at best. I remember hitting 80’s in my prime, I must be getting old. And the high scores are all like 2-3mil.

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