Chess on a Rollercoaster

You know I like the XKCD. Awhile ago he posted a comic, which as a comic I thought was funny, but not his best. However, it has inspired real life and that is completely and profoundly awesome (via boing boing). And it isn’t the first time this has happened.

I think my favourite is this one below – something about the log flume and the deep thinking. Oh and the mom in the back having way more fun than her two kids. (btw, did you know that a log flume is a flume specifically constructed to transport lumber and logs down mountainous terrain to a sawmill by using flowing water? And that a flume is an open artificial water channel , that leads water from a diversion dam or weir completely aside a natural flow, often an elevated box structure (typically wood) that follows the natural contours of the land? Hmm? Yes, this is an educational blog!)

XKCD Chess on a Rollercoaster (ok a log flume)

The second picture on the page gets points for picture quality and pretty lady, but loses points for not being the souvenir picture from the coaster. Oh, and it gets points for the lady behind them who shows a mixture of curiousity about the chess game and a good bit of fear about the impending drop.

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