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You know, I’ve been reading a lot about all the new iPhone stuff that hackers have been able to coerce iPhones to do. File system access, ssh onto the iPhone and most recently compiling new apps onto it. I find this incredibly amazing and while the technology is still fledgeling it is still the very beginning of this – I have no doubt that sooner before later significant apps will be possible if hackers are allowed to run their course.

What I am curious to see is Apple’s reaction. I can see two possibilities. One, that would be par for Apple’s course, is that they start cracking down on all this technology. Ceases and desists to all the places that are publishing the information on how to do these things and providing the code to do it. The other would be to get their SDK out into people’s hands soon. I’m hoping for the latter. I don’t see them ignoring this for too long – the cat is out of the bag, pandora’s box has opened and nobody is getting the cat back in the bag nor Apple’s evils back in the box.

The first method will slow it down – but there’s just no stopping it. I hope that Apple recognizes that and opts for the second. I’ll just cross my fingers for now and keep on watching – both the hackers and Jobs.

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