Breakfast Links: Spying, Mind Control & Colbert

This is madness. (This IS THE UNITED STATES!) Ahem. Three small US telephone companies (AT&T, Qwest and Verizon) are refusing to answer Congress’ questions to them about the what Bush and his administration received from them. Apparently the Director of National Intelligence invoked state secrets privilege. That seems to me like a governmental way of calling no talksies.

“Our company essentially finds itself caught in the middle of an oversight dispute between the Congress and the executive relating to government surveillance activities,” AT&T Inc. General Counsel Wayne Watts said in a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee

It’s a good thing our government is built around checks and balances and no branch has more power than the next. Oh wait.

If spying on your calls wasn’t bad enough, you know what? Now the goverment can read your mind and torture you remotely! That piece is breaking the news wide open that the government is using Directed Energy Non Lethal Electromagnetic and Neurological Weapons to read the minds and torture US citizens where necessary without even being near them. Man. That sucks. Now where’d I put all that tinfoil…

Stephen Colbert for PresidentAll this badness is clearly stemming from our wonderful executive branch. You know? So… how do we fix it? That’s right, we vote in Stephen Colbert to the presidency! Yup, he’s announced that he’s officially considering whether he will announce that he’s running. He’s already perfected that most presidential skill of saying nothing that sounds like something! It’d be worth it just to get him into some debates, I just don’t know which party I’d rather he run for. Hrm.. I think at this instant I’m leaning for Republican. What do you think?

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