Breakfast Links: Papabubble, Predict the Future & Humans

Papabubble comes to NYC! No, it has nothing to do with that. It’s apparently a super fancy candy store that makes it’s candy on premises. I guess it’s kinda like Dylan’s Candy Bar, but way, way, waaay more expensive. Gothamist gives the scoop. I wanna try some.

You know what else I love besides candy? Quizzes. What else, you ask? The future. Fortunately, Forbes comes through with their Predict the Future quiz. It’s a pretty funny idea, they give you a quiz where you predict how things will be at the end of 2008 and then in January 2009 they will send you your results in the e-mails. Sweet!

Speaking of the future, ok not the future. The past. Schneier says that humans didn’t evolve to handle security in the modern IT world. He got that right, since we all know that human’s didn’t evolve at all and we were riding around on dinosaurs a few thousand years ago. He also gets it wrong when he says “In the technology industry we like to think we’re computers, but we’re not even close.” I am a computer, just not a turing complete one. Huh, unlike Bruce to be wrong so much. Must be opposite day.

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