Breakfast Links: Archery, Legend & Big Screen BSG

Traditional Asian ArcheryI ran across this super awesome site, the Asian Traditional Archery Research Network. It could use a little designerly love, sure, but it’s pretty badass anyway. Where else will you learn about the Multiple-shot “Zhuge” Crossbow? Who even knew that crossbows got to have “nicknames”? And you’ll learn the difference between arrow whistles and whistling arrows! I mean, prior to this, my primary education in these matters came from Oriental Adventures. A scholarly tome, to be sure, but not as topically focused as this site.

If you’re a New Yorker, you’ll need to read up on that stuff as we’re about to get all post-apocalyptic. See these screens of Union Square for proof. Ok, they’re shots from the upcoming I Am Legend, but still, it’s pretty awesome. I mean, it must be happening now, cause you can still see those buildings wrapped up in scaffolding and the new 8USS has that sales banner draped on it. I wasn’t really interested in this movie, but maybe I’ll check it just to see the hood.

What I hope to definitely be checking out is the free screening of Battlestar Galactica Razor that’s coming to NYC on Nov 12 (via sfsignal). You know you want to go with me, register. a, it’s free. b, it’s battlestar galactica. c, it’s on the big screen. What more do you need? Don’t be crazy.

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