Robot dance off!

Well, now that I have more than 1 robot dancing video in my brain, it’s a dance off! I admit this battle royale is more Beat It than Transformers, but we’re a peace loving lot here.

First up we have the good ol’ Spoon video for Don’t You Evah featuring the little yellow bundle of japanese girl attracting cuteness that is Keepon.

Oooh, cute. But the new contender (thanks, Poyla) is this ol’ Beck video for Hell Yes. It features the bipedal dance stylings of the Sony QRIO.

I mean, points to the QRIO for busting those moves. But where were the screams of kawaaaiiii? It’s hard to beat that. So while, this may be better suited to XversusY, it’s here, so which is your pick? Which is more bombtastic?? Keepon vs. QRIO… Begin!

Stop pretending like you’re still working and get commenting on this grey friday evening.

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