Breakfast Links: Capsaicin, No Photos & Invisible Tank

Those of you who know me, know I like the spice. Hot, delicious spiciness. Well, it turns out that doctors like the spice too, they like it so much they are pouring into open wounds! Apparently it does some kinda something that helps numb the nerves to pain without completely deadening the nerve so you can still move around. Whatever. Just give me some ma-po tofu.

And check out this site Strictly No Photography. This little bundle of awesome lets people share the photos they took of places where you aren’t allowed to take photos. Nice! There’s a category of photos of signs that say no photos. C’mon. You know you love that.

There probably won’t be any photos of this invisible tank there. Y’know, because it’s invisible! Using rome rube goldberg contraption of cameras and projectors, basically it projects the scene it’s blocking onto itself so if you’re looking at it you’ll see, more or less, what’s just past it. I need one of those, but not a tank, but some kinda suit, Panther Modern style.

BONUS LINK: Diana told me about it and then Chris sent it to me – this wierd image that apparently some people see turning one way and others see the other. Apparently you can concentrate and see it reverse, but I can’t. Spins counter-clockwise for me (or anti-clockwise as those adorable brits say).

Huh. Apparently, it’s a whole thing. That image is dubbed “the spinning dancer” and scientists have come out against it. Doh! Here’s one. Here’s another. Who doesn’t love scientists??

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