A little iPhone lovin’

I haven’t provided any iPhone love in awhile, so a couple little bits have cropped up that may be of interest. First is this comparison of EDGE vs. UMTS – a 3G technology – speeds (in particular it is the iPhone vs. the Nokia E61i) (via). Although it has both a video and a chart it isn’t necessarily the most scientific study I’ve ever seen – but it does show you how the speed difference isn’t that great – it seems like crappy latency has quite an impact on web downloading and while UMTS does seem to beat EDGE the difference in time isn’t much, but the iPhone clearly renders a much more useable page. That’s been my experience, too. Which is not to say that I wouldn’t like to see an iPhone with 3G, I would, but A) I don’t think it’s nearly as big a deal as many have made it out to be and B) I wouldn’t trade my current battery life with EDGE for crappier battery life with 3G. I’m just sayin.

Also check out this piece that looks at how the iPhone is the number 2 smart phone OS in the North American market for it’s debut quarter – and North American obviously includes Mexico and Canada for which the iPhone wasn’t really overly available in that period. Hopefully those numbers are true or close to true, they are certainly believable to me! So it’s already surpassed Windows Mobile and is approaching RIMM’s market share. Let’s not even look at Palm OS, it probably passed their market share in the first weekend or so.

Remember Colligan’s prediction that Apple wasn’t just going to walk in? Compare and contrast – Apple’s iPhone news and Colligan’s conference call news:

Colligan started the call off by expressing his disappointment in not meeting expectations for the quarter saying “we did not execute as well as we needed to.” He pinned most of revenue shortfall on the failure to get the Treo 755p certified and released on Verizon in the quarter. In a latter followup question Colligan said the process was affected by issues with previous devices. He went on to state that due to the Palm OS being an older system somewhat deficient in its multitasking capabilities was some standard network operations issues not visible to end users, which in turn caused a delay in getting the product approved.

disappointment, shortfall, failure, older system, deficient in multitasking, delay. Gosh, I’m glad that Palm has learned so much over the years building pdas and phones! It may take Apple years to figure out how to get there…

While Blackberries are currently running strong – the Canadians have to be sweating about the rumors that Apple’s working on enhanced Exchange compatibility. That’s probably the single biggest barrier for many businesses to adopt it.

On the other hand, Apple should probably stop threatening their 9 year old fans for writing letters to them… Heh! I’m super excited to see what happens with the SDK, I pray but I’m not holding my breath, that it’s an open SDK and everyone can easily get their apps on the iPhone. I’d also love to see a second generation iPhone with the sleeker look of the touch incorporated. I hope it’s an interesting Macworld this January!

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