Less Love for Ruby on Rails?

Nothing really that interesting, just in the past few days I’ve come across two posts not singing RoR’s praises. First was that post by Zed where he kinda goes off not necessarily in the most convincing way – but his words as the developer of Mongrel must carry weight. Strewn in that invective were some technical bits, too.

And today I come across this bit suggesting a peak for Rails. He uses as support Google Trends and Alexa (for rubyonrails.org).

I don’t really know where I fall on this – I mean, first off, I can discount Alexa data. :) But even if it was correct, would traffic to that site correlate to uptake of the application? I’m not sure… Same with Google Trends – which seems to see a decline in Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Still, what I find interesting is that I’m seeing some good ol’ fashion language doomsaying for Rails if not Ruby itself. I don’t know if it’s been around and I just never noticed but it’s all new to me. It probably just means that the hype is wearing off of RoR, the product and the community are maturing and now people are just getting down to business with it instead of promising to solve all the world’s problems with it – which is a good thing.

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