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So, I’ve had my Hulu account for awhilez now but hadn’t paid too much attention to it after my first go around with it. I was showing it to a friend a bit ago when I noticed that they had the Firefly series all up in that – which lit up my eyes… so I’ve been watching it at lunch or in spare moments since then, recently finished it. It really, genuinely was an awesome series – Fox, for whom my hatred burns brightly – screwed it by showing them out of order and moving the timeslot around with little notice (which gives me flashbacks to the treatment they gave to Freaks and Geeks, grrrrrrr).

Anyhows, I just realized that the lovely boys at sf signal are actually embedding an episode a week on their blog – this week it’s “Safe” a great episode (but honestly, they all were). Or if you’re too impatient for that you can always hit openHulu and watch the whole series.

Just to kick start your interest here is the series premier as Joss wanted it – of course the bright boys at Fox thought it wasn’t awesome enough and made them make another – never showing this one (which does a great job of actually introducing characters and back story, important to watching the show). Stupid fox. Seriously, watch this and love it, Chuck this is not.

Also, xkcd hits the freaking nail on the mother freaking head with this comic. (via)

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