Breakfast Links: Limericks, Fat People & Summer Glau

Patrick Gannon - I really also wanted to show his hulk, so click through to see it.
Oh monday. Ah art.

You like Limericks? I know you do, don’t lie. Well, now you can head over to and get your fill of them. Not only that, but if the muse strikes you, you can leave your own in the database. This was brought to you buy the same guy who does them funny xkcd comics. Be warned though, given its roots the limericks tend to have a bit of a nerdy slant. It just makes it all the more funny.

As awesome as that is, this next bit is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Some Mississippian representative just introduced a bill that would prevent restaurants from serving food to anyone who is obese. You can’t even make this crap up. The blogger who posted that, not sure if it was one of them governmental jokes called up the representative who sadly believes every word of it (even though he’s pretty sure it won’t pass). He actually wants to put scales at the entrance of every restaurant and measure the BMI of every patron who tries to enter. Sigh.

But I wouldn’t leave you with just that. So here’s an interview of Summer Glau by scifichick. Now I definitely don’t love the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I’m inclined to watch it for a few more episodes after the interview. This is intriguing:

Well, I think people are going to be surprised at the direction of the show is going in. [...] there are things that I think people haven’t thought of.

On the other hand… this is super sucky:

When I met with Joel Cramer to talk about the fighting, I said I don’t know how a terminator fights. He said, well it’s going to be very different from what you did before with River. You’re not going to be doing all these beautiful martial arts movements and it’s not about being creative and having to use dynamic movement. It’s just about brut force.

Yeah “It isn’t about making the fight scenes really cool and interesting to watch, it’s about making them boring.”

SEE ALSO: the ol’ podcast interview with Summer.

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