Breakfast Links: Happy Valentines Edition

Well, today’s a day. A day to make that special someone happy and I’m here to show you the way. Three ways. Not that kinda three way. Perv. (although don’t try and deny that’s an awesome song)

Anysizzle, if that special someone is a movie nerd – you could show that person the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer. Now I admit that the trailer looks pretty good, but I remain unexcited about this movie, I mean I’ll see it, but I don’t have high hopes. My prediction (which are only ever wrong when they aren’t right) is that it does a lot of pandering to the movie nerds, with tips o’ the hat to all sorts of things having gone on in previous movies and it uses too many special effects. And it isn’t good, but it’s just good enough with enough pandering to get a big pass from everyone. I’m just saying.

Ok. But let’s say your special someone is a gaming nerd, then this Spore hands on preview is just the thing! Now this is something I’m pretty excited to see. The review is glowing and brings up some really wildly cool crap that I didn’t know about, it’s a massively online single player game. Dude. Read that twice. So, when you create your world and your creatures it gets uploaded to Sporepedia (which is a publicly viewable reference of what everyone’s doing) and when you start a new game, your new world is randomly populated (or you can manually select) races that that other people have built – so each game has truly non-algorithmic newness to it. Really awesome. Amongst many other awesome things. Mac users will have extra delight since EA suggests that the Mac version will arrive at the same time as everyone else – this September.

get some NYC condomsLastly, if that special someone is the kind of someone who likes to get down to business, NYC is totally giving out loads of free condoms! If you head on down to one of these places you’ll be able to grab a handful just like NYC suggests! Free! And with that spiff NYC packet. Don’t ever say this blog didn’t hook your cheap ass up.

There you go. Happy St. Valentines Day!

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