Tuesday Tabs

Is it a week already? Sigh. Playing with Firefox 3 beta 3 on my laptop. It’s pretty cool… can’t wait for the release.

· Adam Lasnik Discusses WebSpam with Eric Enge – StoneTemple Consulting
Pretty interesting talk with Google’s SEO Strategist. Although it still shows Google’s refusal to be transparent – as Adam contradicts himself. Sigh.

· SCO Plans Rebound Thanks to $100M Lifeline – internetnews.com
Some company just handed over $100 million to SCO to keep that litigation machine going. Great. I can’t wait for those guys to lose their investment as these suits all fail.

· Headhunters scout Yahoo employees, while big shareholder urges deal – MercuryNews.com
Oh, Yahoo.

· Publisher: Kindle Selling Up To 10,000 Books A Day (AMZN) – SAR
Huh. Seems like that might be a bit ambitious a number to me, given that there probably aren’t too many Kindles in the wild…

· Poor People More Likely Use Yahoo, Those Better Off To Use Google – TechCrunch
That’s a really wierd bias. Don’t you think? I wonder what it means.

· Gmail’s Humble Beginning – GOS
Pretty amazing short tale of Gmail’s rise from a 1 day hack of mail into Google Groups to the juggernaut it is today.

· Olympic Bloggers Learn The Rules; First Rule: No Blogging Anything Interesting – techdirt
Sigh. Just in case you thought the Olympics wasn’t big business.

· WHO official complains about Gates Foundation’s dominance in malaria fight – IHT
I don’t know about all this business, but it seems like something that bears watching. Just in case you thought philanthropy wasn’t big business.

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