Driving Instructor Road Rage

This is pretty… fantastic. This kid takes 5 driving instructors and… drives them mad! He secretly records his journey where he decides to chat on the phone in the midst of the session, the teachers while at first seeming calm and collected swiftly go batshit nuts on him. This is what it’s about, being a teenager. Thanks to Poyla for bringing this to my attention.

  • Thanks for sharing this! Do you have any recommendations for some good driving instructors in Vancouver?

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  • I remember. he even went over the operation of the radio. If it weren't for him, i wold only know how to listen to A.M.

  • I was on the verge of doing something along thee lines of what this kid did because my driving instructor was 107 years old and made me spend an hour in the drivers seat going over each buttons functions before I was allowed to drive. It was torture. Howie laughed at me.

  • dude! thats the car i learned to drive in!!! awesome indeed!

  • Felix, please ban yourself and Mr. Perla.

    Also, for the record, my driving instructor had a huge mustache and a Chrysler Laser. That translates into a rockin good driving experience.

  • word

  • Honestly, I was thinking the exact same thing! If only we'd grown up in a youtube world. We'd have had so much to add to the world wide webbings! So many videos of Howard, at least.

  • This was like Howie's first 10 driving lessons except this kid didn't hit anyone.

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