Breakfast Links:, Bunny Emergency & Would you kill it?

So… you like cats. You also like to date. What could be more convenient for you than (via) Here’s an online dating service (that apparently has morphed slightly into a slightly more general social network) targetting cat lovers. Well, not lovers, not like dating lovers, but you know. Targeting people who like cats alot but are looking for some person to like… I mean, like like. It says you can post photos and videos of your cat, but really, isn’t that what the entire internet is for? It is, as far as I can tell, anways.

If you are a bunny liker like this woman in Scotland their police are encouraging you not to call 999 (which I presume is their 911, for us Americans) if you get a bunny who, contrary to the seller’s advertising, does not have floppy ears. (via) This lady was so outraged that her bunny’s ears weren’t floppy she called the emergency line! Like she wanted a squad of cop cars to immediately rush out and knock down the door of this false bunny advertising guy! Also, that article is awesome because they keep referring to the police as “the force”.

So you know, I try not to get too political up in this blog, or on the internet in general. But for some reason there’s a lot of Palin jokes going around and they’re funny, know what I mean? Take this completely random post “Would You Kill It?” which features pictures of animals with captions and Palin’s stance on the killing of said animals. It’s mildly awesome. Also awesome was SNL’s Tina Fey skit as Palin. Just sayin’.

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