Microsoft’s new ads

Well, ok, so Microsoft is moving onto phase two of its ad campaign. The lukewarm reception (or maybe just confusion) of the Seinfeld ads maybe pushing up the schedule.

The latest 3 ads take the bull by the horns and try to claim Apple’s “I am a PC” for Microsoft’s own. I think it’s a pretty brave attempt, but I’m not really sure how well it succeeds. While I don’t think they’re bad ads, I didn’t particularly like them either. Well, ok, I liked it when Pharrell says “I’m a PC just like BG” – that’s a good ‘un, with the cut to BG.

Still, you know? And with all the kerfuffle of Crispin Porter Bugusky (msft’s agency doing their ads) not being a PC… well… First you have some folks suggesting that this ad campaign was made on a mac. Heh, and then you have the disappearing page on Apple’s Pro site actually profiling CPB! You can see the difficulty Microsoft is up against.

Still, much of the tech world seems to like the ads. Counternotions has a very nice analysis of the strategy comparing it to Apple’s original “Think Different” campaign.

I guess they’re ok. I’m waiting to see where the rest of the campaign goes. Again, I feel like they’ve had 3 ads so far, and I still feel like nothing’s happened yet. Which I take to be a bad sign, although given where Microsoft is at, perhaps a slow start is required. Ah well, here’s the three ads.

So what do you think? Shoulda stuck with Seinfeld? Need to ditch CPB? Or you diggin’ it?

  • basketball

    these are so much better! I think they are unnecessary long, but unlike the original ad, there is a clear message that people will get, and that will make them feel part of the (lame) PC community.

  • I kinda like these ads. I liked the Mac/PC ads too when they first came out but they got kind of lame after a while. If they kill these after a few weeks and don't make more I think people will dig em. I personally like the Mac/PC wars. The cola wars are boring.

  • It sounded and looked like Charisma Carpenter, but Wikipedia says she's divorced. Unless she's wearing the one true ring and will soon force us all to install Vista... :)

  • Was that Charisma Carpenter in the 1st ad, about 30 secs in?

    My my my. I'll buy whatever she's selling.

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