Breakfast Links: Slumdog Actress FS, DHS hiring hackers & Antarctic tourism

Ok, this sounds totally hoaxy, but the internet is talking about it, so it must be real! Allegedly, Rubina Ali’s father was trying to sell her for almost $300,000. (via) Dad, apparently pissed at how the film has essentially given them nothing decided that his Oscar child could net him some extra bucks and tried arranging an illegal adoption to an undercover fake Sheik. Undercover fake Sheik? Is this a bad movie? Dunno, just doesn’t seem real to me.

In other news, the Obama administration’s appointed Melissa Hathaway to head up an effort to figure out how to secure the country for a cyberattack. (via) Cyberattack! Dunh. Dunh. Dunnnnhhhh!!!!! One aspect of that seems to be looking at hiring ethical hackers to help figure it all out at the Department of Homeland Security. All funning aside, this seems like a pretty good idea to me – those are the guys who know what’s up. It’s like that show It Takes a Thief! That guy was bad ass, all breaking in to people’s houses and stuff and even that time he stole their dog!

Finally, it’s long been a goal of mine to take a cruise down to Antarctica. What’s not to love about that? Penguins and killer whales and science?? Totally kick ass. It seems, though, that the world is conspiring to make this more expensive as they just agreed on some proposal to limit the burgeoning tourism industry to that continent. I mean, what the hell? Science just discovered that the ice is growing down there, not melting! Just kidding! I guess it’s probably a good idea, hopefully I’ll still make it one day.

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